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What tells your story best? A cinematic 3D approach or one using illustrative graphics, or one that combines the two? We love doing both and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to create the video that best serves your needs for any venue. To get a sense of what we can do for you, take a look at what we've done for others. For more detail, click on our Life Science and Animated Infographic pages.



PREPRODUCTION is where we get all our ducks in a row.

Spec Sheet
Together we create a spec sheet that lays outs in detail the objectives, resources, technical requirements, timelines, regulatory reviews, delivery formats, and budget so we can determine the best approach to realize your goals.

Production Timeline
A schedule and calendar will be developed for you at the beginning of the project. This lays out the entire production process and highlights the client review and approval dates. If your project requires medical and regulatory review, those submissions dates will be included.

Review and Approval Process
The review process is designed to allow for client input, modifications; and final approvals on each step of the production before moving forward. Doing this helps keep us on schedule and as important, on budget.

Script & Storyboard Development
Some clients have scripts and storyboards already developed and in that case, we move straight into production.
For those who don’t we can provide medical writers to work with your team to create a narrative that distills complex concepts and ideas into an effective and engaging script.

Upon approval of the script the next step is creating the storyboard.

You can think of a storyboard as a series of still frames that represent each shot in the animation. The character sketch, camera angle, and framing is roughed out and the relevant narration is included with each frame.

This step allows all parties to sign off on the visual approach that Obtuse will be taking to tell your story.

PRODUCTION is where we design the look and set the tone.


Our first step in production is to create a scratch track narration of the script and utilizing this, create an animatic version of the project. This entails matching the scratch track voice over narration to still frames, often from the storyboard, so that the audio & visual timings can be developed and approved.

3D Models

We create 3D models that are textured and lit for all the characters and their environments.
When possible, all objects are scientifically accurate, whether from the Protein Data Bank (PDB), the Drug Bank, or directly from the product design source files.

Character Sheet Style Frames
Still image style frames are presented for character approvals of all the characters, their composition, colors, and textures along with the environments.

Voice Over Selection and Script Recording Session
You will have the opportunity to select from a variety of voice over talent. Once the recording session date is set, we provide you with a dial-in number that allows you to listen in and give feedback during the recording session.

Music and Sound Design
We can provide original or stock music & sound design to enhance the visuals and message.

ANIMATION & POST PRODUCTION is where we go into motion.

1st pass / rough animation
During this phase, using un-textured, low-resolution 3D models, the camera moves are blocked out and the character motion is choreographed to the scratch track.

This allows us to focus on getting the scenes, cameras, animations and object placements fine-tuned without expending unnecessary time on rendering high-resolution images.

2nd pass animation
Incorporates feedback from the rough animation along with the more fully developed 3D models & environments textured & lit.

3rd pass animation Incorporating feedback from the second round animation with all the 3D models and environments complete.

Post production

With sign off of the animation complete, we now create the final 3D elements. Using the character sheets as guides we create the final lighting, and texturing of the characters and their environments. This may be done in several passes depending on the level of detail and realism required for the look.

When completed, these elements along with any 2D assets (text, charts, graphs), final color correction and additional special effects are brought into the compositing environment where we tie it all together into a completed edit of the project.
The finished piece is edited, the music and voice narration are mixed and relayed to the picture.

The completed animation is delivered to the client in the required formats.